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When chocolate bars, frozen pizzas and almost any food you can pick out of a junk food isle cost a fraction of healthy food it's easy to save some cash and go for the processed, pro inflammatory and instantly edible option.

I'm speaking in a broad sense, but this is a logic most people have. I know all of you love your wonderful whole foods, vegetables and shopping in the perimeter of the grocery (typically isles that contain the bad stuff and the good stuff is on the outside) so I'm going to give you a few inexpensive options ;) 

I clearly remember when I first moved overseas setting myself a 30 dollar a week healthy food budget… It wasn't the ideal diet but anyone who's moved and lived abroad know's how difficult it is to eat well while traveling.


How should you eat to feel good, get lean and maintain performance in the gym with a $50 and under weekly shopping allowance? Base your intake on eating a protein and fat diet, not only does it taste good, keep you full for longer, boost your sex hormones, improves cognition but completely eliminates you having to purchase carbs. 

Here's a sample of a very tight budgeted week, if you're a Uni student or traveling this will be better than your raman noodles, kraft dinner and canned alphagetti haha!

3kg of beef mince =  $12

36 caged eggs = $6

5 Tins of tuna = $5

Remainder spent on broccoli or spinach

Total budget $30 dollars

Beef & Spinach omelettes were always popular on the travel budget!

Beef & Spinach omelettes were always popular on the travel budget!


If you shop at Aldi it may even be cheaper… I know for the readers in Canada costs will be even lower! 

Like I said not ideal and doesn't include much variety but it will sure as hell keep you lean and provides you with essential amino acids and essential fatty acids which your body can't produce on it's own. Remember there is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate! 

f you feel like I'm ruining your life by taking away carbs you can spring for some rice its usually cost effective and goes well with the beef :)




I'm most likely speaking to you, a person with a slightly bigger budget who wants to eat a widely nutritious diet that satisfies a variety of pallets!

Not only will you support sustainable agriculture, local business and receive fresh organic food but you can do it for a whole lot less than a supermarket visit. 

You can feed yourself extremely well for $75-100 pw

Load up on fresh vegetables of all kinds, low glycemic fruits and unpasteurised meat, eggs & dairy. 

Items like avocados, nuts, berries, squash, sweet potato, spinach, mushrooms, capsicum, coconut oil, ghee, free range eggs, chicken, pork, beef and wild caught seafood will offer a wide variety of nutrients to keep you lean & healthy! 


When you don't have access to healthy food, whether at work or on the go, two things can happen… Either your will power runs out and you buy an unhealthy option or you spend a fortune trying to order something that is somewhat good for you. I know personally to order a salad to satisfy me will cost $20 with add on's of chicken/avocado.. If you're a uni student there goes 2/3's of your budget. 

Take the time to prepare your food folks! It's worth it :)

Take the time to prepare your food folks! It's worth it :)


-Spend an hour cooking all your food on Sunday… Put it in the fridge or freeze what you need and then take it throughout the week in tupperware so that you don't have to break the bank or eat un healthy! 

-A cheap on the run alternative is buy a whole chicken from the grocery and a bag of mixed greens. You can make 3-4 epic salads for the fraction of the cost. 


I hope this was helpful to some of you! It's worked well in the past and could save you some money, time and keep you looking beach ready! Who doesn't want more of that?