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Okay I'm going all in… Here's the best piece of advice I can give you while getting lean… You need to track down an AB cruncher from an infomercial and a highly marketed "detox" tea from Instagram, combine the two and you will be hitting single digit body fat in no time! 

The reality is, it will take some time, tweaking and discipline to get you there but I have witnessed time & time again, busy people, mums, dads and athletes go from fat to fit then have abs you can grate cheese on… All it takes is a goal and a plan!



-Use intra workout nutrition to recover and feel good.

-Eat carbs according to your training.

-Include High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) cardio for that extra fat loss.

Let's get to work!


"Recovery becomes more challenging when you're taking in less food (calorie deficit)." 

I'm a firm believer in timing nutrients around workouts or specific parts of the day when leaning out for recovery, maintaining good spirits and preserving muscle mass.

In the final 3 weeks before my recent photoshoot for Mens Fitness I moved the majority of my carbs to during and after my workouts.


The mix below is simply fuel for your body. Imagine a formula 1 race car, these high performance automobiles make pit stops to refuel so they keep working at a top level.

You wouldn't put unleaded in a Lamborghini. Same goes with your body, give it high quality fuel so it can perform!

My intra workout blend is 25-150 grams waxy maise, 10g BCAA, 5g Glutamine, Electrolytes and 4g L-Cirtruline. Try a dose of fast acting carbs with some BCAA'S during your workout for improved recovery. You can get them at any supplement store! 



What seems like common sense is not so common. 

Pairing the appropriate diet with your given training makes sense. What do I mean by this? Simply put, If you lift weights, condition and are lean, you EARN your carbs!

If you're sitting 15 hours a day and your idea of exercise is walking to get ice cream from the fridge your carb intake should be reduced to 5 licks of a dried banana peel every 3 months.

FOR GUYS: As you lean out you will need to lift heavy to maintain muscle, this is a great time to enter into a lower carb phase because your not burning through much glycogen performing fewer reps. 

Let's go back to the car analogy...

If you drive it around all day you're going to need to fill it back up.

If it stays parked in the garage then there is no need to re fuel. Think of carbs as replenishing your gas tank. No driving means no fuel.. No training means lower carbs!

Just like in a vehicle if you add fuel while the tank is full you're going to spill some gas. In the body this means spilling into fat storage. 

WTH is glycogen?

It's what your body stores as carbs as in the body. Primarily in muscle tissue but in the liver as well. Glucose is the main fuel source for high intensity activity... From weights to circuit training. 

What training don't I need glycogen for? 

Powerlifting or strength training, these are neurological based activities rather than glycolytic.

Increasing the amount of work while keeping the same food intake will help you lean out even further. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel here, but this is what bodybuilders and athletes have been doing for years to get lean! Add in some cardio, I give you my preference below! 


This has worked extremely well for me in the past, a recent introduction to my routine after training with a Mens Physique Champion.

Adding 15-20 minutes HIIT post workout has tightened me up ALOT. I won't get too deep into the physiological advantages of HIIT training but this technique can be useful for leaning out. Here's my preference, 45 seconds hard 15 seconds rest. Use any of the following; skipping, Sprints, stationary bike, Strongman, battle ropes, airdyne, rowing, stair master (favourite, awesome for glutes) Perform right after a weights routine. This isn't some walk in the park, you should have a hard time forming sentences once you complete your intervals.

-Simple takeaways

-Use intra workout nutrition to recover and feel good.

-Eat carbs according to your training.

-Include HIIT cardio for that extra fat loss.



Typical Day of nutrition 3 weeks out from a physique goal! I change my plan every 10-14 days so I wouldn't do this for too long




1 shot fresh squeezed lime + 1/4 tsp pink Himalayan salt

1.5 litres of water (or won't get pump in the gym)

2 shots expresso + 1 TBSP coconut oil 1 scoop

Gym 4:45am

4 grams Acytel-L Carnatine + 10 grams BCAAS

Intra workout:

BCAA mixed with 150 grams carbs

Post workout:

10 grams BCAA


Meal 1- 5:45am: 

1 kangaroo steak fillet + 1 handful of brazil nuts

Meal 2- 12pm:

1 big piece of wild caught salmon + 2 handfuls of kale

Meal 3- 3pm

1 chicken breast + a huge serving of vegetables + 1 whole avocado

Meal 4- 9Pm

Extra lean grass fed beef mince 300 grams + a ridiculous amount of vegetables (need to feel full for my workout in the morning) 

Before bed 9:30pm

Zinc + Magnesium



3 weeks out from target goal

3 weeks out from target goal