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I approached the go to man for tissue work, pain relief and mobility in hopes that I could share some awesome knowledge with you!

Here are some of the questions which I asked...

-Why stretching isn't enough

-What is Active Release Techniques

-Whats the difference between stretching and mobility

Enjoy today's guest post everyone



By Dr. Josh Tolland

Chiropractor, Certified ART practioner

The problem with stretching is that it basically stretches a muscle globally. The idea of a therapist getting their hands onto your muscles then actively stretching and releasing the structure allows it to completely release in the case that tight muscles are the problem.

Foam rolling is also great when performed correctly as well because it allows the muscles to be moved actively under load or tension. If however there is some neural (or nerve) tension through the hamstrings for example, no amount of stretching or foam rolling is going to release the muscle.

For a muscle or tendon to truly shorten it is a very long process, we're talking months or even longer of repetitive strain type movements such as exercise, sitting statically for hours at a time or even sleeping for some people, when under neural tension from the nervous system, tension can be instantaneous related to an event. Such as poorly performed Deadlifts or even sneezing, we've all felt this “muscle spasm type event”. This neural tension needs both myofascial work to release as well as some spinal mobilisations of some description to alleviate the problem fully.

Active release technique (A.R.T) is a patented myofascial technique developed by a chiropractor in the states some 30 years ago. I like to think of it as being similar to foam rolling but alot more specific. The foam roller becomes as small as the practioners thumb. It involves lengthening and shortening muscles under tension. It helps with the diagnosis and treatment of most, basically all soft tissue related conditions. With the use of A.R.T I am able to actively break up myofascial adhesions and scar tissue without the invasive nature of surgery.

Muscles should slide quite easily between one another throughout the whole body, however quite often they get bound up together and an ‘adhesion’ or knot develops. We have all felt the adhesion in our trap near the shoulder blade area from time to time. Now this is 3 separate muscles (trap/lev scap and supraspinatus) all stuck to one another.

A.R.T uses movement and tension combines with stretching to allow these muscles to return to their resting state and function.

This is why stretching as a single practice is not enough to relieve pain and recover from injury.

More about Dr. Tolland

Born in Sydney and raised on the central coast NSW at a place called Shelly Beach. I’ve been involved within sporting teams and events my whole life. Something I know I will keep up for the rest of my life. I started playing rugby league as a young kid for a local team and never looked back. I moved on to try new sports such as triathlon and surfing. I really enjoy being active, keeping fit and being in the outdoors. I found CrossFit about 5 years ago now and loved the competitive side as well as the everyday functionality of the training. I competed at the regional games in 2013 and although I didn’t do very well at the time it did inspire me and ignite a drive within myself to compete and prepare for anything life can throw at me. I consider surfing to be my sport as I’ve done it my whole life. I’ve surfed all around the world and have found functional fitness is the ultimate tool for preparing for anything the water can throw at me. It boosts my confidence in bigger waves and builds my lung capacity. I love being from and living within the East Coast of Australia. For myself this area is perfect. Ever since a footy trip as a 16 yr old to Burleigh Heads I knew this was the place I was going to live. As hard as it is being from NSW at origin time (2014 excluded haha). I moved up here some 4yrs ago now and I am pretty sure they’re the fastest 4 yrs of my life. I graduated as a chiropractor in 2011 with a Bachelor and Masters Degree and went straight on to become qualified in A.R.T. I am one of the only QLD based practitioners/chiros to have gained a Full Body certification as well as long tract nerve releases. I find that A.R.T works perfect with chiropractic. I have treated thousands of people from all walks of life. From professional athletes to retired nomads, A.R.T helps everyone recover from injury whether it be acute or chronic. Fast results and a thorough explanation of both signs and symptoms is a personal goal of mine.

Contact Josh for any pain relief, injury recovery or performance enhancement @ 0755316422 he performs treatments at PHYSIO WELLNESS CENTRE 116-118 Bundall Rd, Bundall QLD.