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Every year we hope to get in better shape and the fittest years don’t have to be limited by age or become another missed new years resolution!



If you’re not an athlete or a bodybuilder you need a program that focuses on strength, flexibility, mobility, cardio, and learning new physical skills. Gone are the days of running on a treadmill, lifting weights and being so stiff that reaching for your toes feels like your back is going to explode. Here are the days with a program to make you strong, limber and capable of more than ever.


You: "Cool, I still have no idea what you’re talking about… How do you plan one of these workouts?"


Me: "Here take a look below it might paint a clearer picture"


Sample General Fitness workout


* Spend 10 minutes warming your body!

This is a chance to bullet proof your joints, chase range of motion and teach your muscles how to fire so you don’t get injured inside and outside of the gym! 


* Spend 10-15 minutes getting strong!

You’re not trying to break any world records here just develop lean muscle, use the weight to maintain/strengthen postures and find progression each session. Strength training is a great way to see improvements which makes working out more fun, stimulating and reveals if you’re doing the right things outside of the gym.


* Spend 5-10 minutes getting fitter!


This is the most butchered part of group fitness in the history of group fitness… But hey complaining never fixes anything! Take some time to build your cardiovascular system. This isn’t a place to test the Snatch you JUST learned and do 4785 reps. Pick a few safe exercises with rep range that doesn't allow form breakdown. Push yourself intensely for 5-10 minutes. You should get your HR and feel like you worked hard afterwards!


* Spend 10 minutes recovering!

Your warmup and cool down are the nuts and bolts of feeling that spring in your step! Take this time to bring the body into a recovery state, foam roll, stretch, and meditate. By mediation I don’t mean go hug a tree in a forest while chanting for 3 days. Lay down, do some relaxing breathing and focus on all the good things in your life.

Remember exercise is stress, when your body is stressed it stores fat not burns it! Would you take a car with broken parts and drive it 110km/per hour every single day? Fix the car then you can drive it hard. 

You: "Hmm sounds interesting will my body look good training like this?"

Me: "Eat whole foods, prioritise sleep, show up to training 3-4 times a week, walk as often as possible and not only will you look good BUT feel energised to live the best life possible!

PART 2 coming soon...