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On the road?

Can't make it to the gym?

Worried that you’re going to lose your fitness while you go on vacation?

Don’t sweat, here at 10 done for you workouts to keep you in shape while traveling!



1. Set a timer for 15 minutes and complete as many sets as possible:


15 lunges per leg

10 pushups

5 Burpees


2. Complete 5 sets:


20 Jump squats

Hold the top of a pushup x 1 minute

10 hollow rocks



3. Run at a quick pace for 20 minutes, on odd minutes perform 10 burpees then move straight back to running!


4.     Complete 5 sets:


10 Clap pushups

10 V-Situp

10 Jump lunges

100m sprint


5.     100 Pushups or Air Squats for time; each time you have to stop perform 15 sit-ups


6.     Complete 7 sets as fast as possible:


 25 Hip bridges

 25 Mountain climbers


7.     Run 3km as fast as possible, finish with 75 jump squats


8.     50-40-30-20-10 reps of






9.     100 Burpees for time


10. Complete 5 sets:


10 V-situp

10 Pushups

10 Lunges

10 Jump squats

10 Hollow rocks

10 situps

10 Pykes



Simplicity is key when you’re on the move, I’ve always had my best success with 1-2 exercises that I hit hard for a short time, then I’m done!


Your workouts should be enough to get the blood flowing but not feel like a time burden.


Best of luck with your new travelling workouts! 

Your Trainer,

Ian D'Andrade